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st: pscore vs. psmatch2

From   Yee Kyoung Kim <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: pscore vs. psmatch2
Date   Thu, 2 Dec 2010 00:48:51 +0900

Dear Statalists,

I've been trying to calculate ATT using both pscore and psmatch2.

pscore Treat x1 x2 x3 , pscore(mypscore) blockid(myblock) comsup
numblo(5) level(0.005) logit
set seed 1221
attnd y Treat x1 x2 x3  , pscore(mypscore_ml) comsup boot reps(100) dots logit

psmatch2 Treat x1 x2 x3, outcome(y) logit

I confirmed that propensity scores are exactly the same in (1) and (2).

Q1: If I run psmatch2, I can get both unmatched and matched ATT as shown below.
       Then what about "pscore"?  Is ATT in Table 2 below based on the
matched sample?

<Table 1: psmatch2 results>
        Variable     Sample |    Treated     Controls   Difference
    S.E.   T-stat
         y  Unmatched | 2.73645662   1.34825899   1.38819763
.24860504     5.58
                        ATT | 2.73645662   1.44619683   1.29025979
.954900678     1.35

<Table 2: pscore results>
ATT estimation with Nearest Neighbor Matching method
(random draw version)
Analytical standard errors

n. treat.   n. contr.         ATT   Std. Err.           t

       85          27       0.077       0.073       1.061

Note: the numbers of treated and controls refer to actual
nearest neighbour matches

Q2: How can I get the same results in both (1) and (2). In order to
get the result of (1), how can I revise the command of (2)
Actually, I tried with "common" option in (2) as below, but the
results are quite more different.

(2)' psmatch2 Treat x1 x2 x3, outcome(y) logit common

Thank you so much, as always.

Yee Kyoung Kim
Korea Institute of Intellectual Property
Associate Research Fellow
[email protected]
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