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Re: st: New StataCorp blog

From   Ali Delpisheh <>
Subject   Re: st: New StataCorp blog
Date   Fri, 5 Nov 2010 09:08:27 -0500


On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 1:54 PM, William Gould, StataCorp LP
<> wrote:
> StataCorp has just put up a new blog called N.E.C. -- Not Elsewhere
> Classified -- at  We are telling Statalist
> first.
> I have two goals in writing this posting,
>    1.  To convince you to take a look, and to convince you to look
>        again over the next week as the blog develops.
>    2.  To reassure the members of Statalist that the blog is not
>        intended to compete with Statalist, that it will not reduce
>        StataCorp partricipation on Statalist, and that it might
>        even be useful to the list.  If the blog does have a
>        negative impact on Statalist, we will change the blog.
> The purpose of N.E.C. is to keep users up-to-date about all things
> Stata.  This includes product announcements from StataCorp, product
> announcements from others such as interesting new computers, service
> announcements such as on-site and public training by StataCorp or by
> others, timely tips and comments, and news and advice releated to the
> use of Stata.  Having written that, and knowing our plans, this sounds
> more mundane than we intend the blog to be.
> The articles appearing in the blog will be individually signed.
> Nearly everyone at StataCorp will be participating: people from
> development, technical services, sales, and marketing.  N.E.C. is
> intended to be useful, will be informal, and might be entertaining.
> There are other fine blogs about Stata, and we will maintain a blog roll
> on the right side of N.E.C. so that you can find them.  There will
> also be Links to Others.  You can find resources for learning Stata,
> resources for adding new features to Stata, Stata examples and
> datasets, along with sites that provide utilities and services to
> enhance the use of Stata.
> There will also be a section on Statistical as opposed to Stata
> resources, which will take you to the other statistical software
> providers, statistical book publishers, statistical journals, and
> statistical organizations.
> N.E.C. is just getting started, but we intend to write articles that
> would not be appropriate for Statalist, such as Mutli-processor
> computers and Stata, or a survey of large computers for running Stata.
> The Blog and Statalist
> ----------------------
> One reason we do not expect the blog to compete with Statalist
> is that we have turned off comments.  Our attitude right now
> is that the appropriate place for discussion is Statalist and
> if that results in inappropriate postings on Statalist, we will
> turn comments on.
> While it is true that the StataCorp technical staff participates on
> Statalist, if you look carefully, you will find that our praticipation
> is mostly in joining in to already started discussions, and responding
> when called on to do so.  We seldom start discussions and that's
> intentional.  Statalist is a place for us to listen, to explain, and
> to contribute, not to dominate either in the choice of topics or the
> discussion on them.  We have plenty of opportunity to dominate by our
> choice of features to implement, and how we implement and document them.
> Nonetheless, sometimes we would like to start a discussion.  The blog
> is a place we can do that.  We hope that sometimes members of
> Statalist will pick up and carry the disucssion forward, but that will
> be the choice of the members.  If the discussion is carried forward,
> we will of course participate.
> We will also use the blog to promote Statalist, usually by pointing
> to a completed thread in the archives that we think should interest
> others.  In the process, some of those others will discover Statalist
> and decide to join.
> Anyway, the blog is up:
> It's just an infant right now, but it will grow quickly.  If you have
> comments on the blog and they are appropriate for Statalist, by all
> means post them.  And, just as always, Statalist members can write
> to me directly.
> -- Bill
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