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Re: st: -set mem- allows allocating more memory only after a few trials

From   Stas Kolenikov <>
Subject   Re: st: -set mem- allows allocating more memory only after a few trials
Date   Sun, 19 Sep 2010 16:09:53 -0500

On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 4:04 PM, Duha Altindag <> wrote:
> I have a 64 bit Stata 11.1 SE and a 64 bit Win 7 OS with 2 processors
> and 4 GB memory. Windows Task Manager tells me I have 3965 MB of total
> physical memory.
> This is not a complaint, I'm curious about why and how this following
> situation can take place:
> Currently, many programs are running including IE and another web
> browser, Acrobat Reader, MS Word, Excel in addition to 4 separate
> Stata windows with 50 MB memory allocated to each.
> I start another Stata window and I can -set mem 5g-, no problem. (How come?)
> Then I try doing -set mem 6g-. The first couple of times I receive
> "op. sys. refuses to provide memory" error. At the third time, Stata
> (or Windows) allows 6g. I can continue increasing the allocated memory
> up to 15g with 1g increments at a time. If I receive a "op. sys.
> refuses to provide memory" error for a specific memory level, mem, I
> keep repeating the same command a few times, then it works.
> Does anyone have an idea why and how?

In the meantime, Windows manage to increase the size of the page file
(or swap file, whatever it is called), allocating another couple of
Gbytes on the hard drive to it. Task Manager will probably show you
this increase.

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