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RE: st: RE: condivreg/Multicollinearity

From   "Vassilopoulos Achilleas" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: condivreg/Multicollinearity
Date   Fri, 10 Sep 2010 10:40:37 +0300

Then I guess that your collinearity doesn't arise only from the first step
but also from the next steps of the -ivregress-. 
-ivregress- uses three tests for collinearity, one after the other, before
the estimation. What you can do is to replicate these tests by hand and save
the non-collinear variables of every step so you can use them later. See
below :

_rmdcoll ENDOGENOUS INCLUDED-EXOGENOUS, forcedrop  (you may want to add
noconstant also)    //checks for
collinearity between endogenous vars and included exogenous//

global first `r(varlist)'    //This global contains the set of non-collinear

_rmcoll dummy1-dummy500     //checks for collinearity among instruments//

global inst_first `r(varlist)'    //this global contains the dummies that
are not collinear between themselves//

_rmcoll2list, alist($first) blist($inst_first)   //checks for collinearity
among the endogenous and all exogenous vars and further drops instruments
until a linearly independent set is obtained //

global inst `r(blist)'  //this global contains the final set of
non-collinear instruments// 

I guess all you need from this point on are the globals $inst and $first

Hope this helps,
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Achilleas Vassilopoulos

Agricultural University of Athens,
Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development,
Lab. of Political Economy and European Integration.
Iera Odos 75, 11855, Athens, Greece

Tel: (+30) 210-5294726
Fax: (+30) 210-5294786
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[] On Behalf Of richard boylan
Sent: 09 September, 2010 17:12
Subject: Re: st: RE: condivreg/Multicollinearity

That does not work, I still get the same error message after "condivreg."

ivreg eliminates many more dummy variable than only estimating the
first stage with reg.

So, ideally, I would want to follow the same procedure you described
using ivreg if I knew how
to access the first stage coefficients.

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