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st: RE: -outreg2- super-rows and super-columns

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: -outreg2- super-rows and super-columns
Date   Thu, 15 Apr 2010 14:21:34 +0100

In addition to other comments: 

I note that -outreg2- has been very recently revised on SSC: the stated
date of 4 April 2009 is I think a typo for 4 April 2010. 

. ssc type outreg2.ado
*! outreg2 2.2.3 04apr2009 by
*! based on outreg 3.0.6/4.0.0 by

I can't tell, naturally, who contributing to this thread has which
version, but it may be that different experiences arise because some are
and some aren't being bitten by a small bug introduced accidentally
during the latest revision. 

In his help Roy Wada details how to report a possible error. His email
address is

"How to report a possible error

    1. it's best if you send an example using -sysuse- or -webuse- data
    2. create a trace log file containing the error
    3. Send them to whoever wrote the thing and ask nicely.

    cap log close
    log using mylog.txt, text replace
    which outreg2                 /* or whatever command you are dealing
with */
    cret list
    sysuse auto, clear            /* or whatever data you are using */
    reg rep78 trunk turn foreign  /* or whatever you are doing */
    set trace on
    outreg2 using myfile, replace /* or whatever that gets you the error
    log close


Kelvin Tan

I follow the helpfile from -outreg2- to create a supper-row, but I
obtained the following error message. Can anyone give me some advice
on this?

variable varname not found

---- Begin Code ----
sysuse auto, clear
reg mpg rep78 head weight turn disp gear
outreg2 using myfile, groupvar(Group1 trunk turn head weight Group2) see
--- End Code ----

Is it possible to create a "super-column" - a empty column? or is it
possible to create a "predicted sign column" (see below) with outreg2
in stata, then covert it into a Latex format? I need this predicted
column because it is very hard to create a column in a Latex table.

Variable |Predicted Sign| Coefficients		
trunk  (+)	 -0.316**
turn	   (-)      -0.761***
Constant	  55.82***
Observations	74
R-squared	0.552

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