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RE: st: Time series - what to do before a product launch?; how to count n obs showing an attribute in each year?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Time series - what to do before a product launch?; how to count n obs showing an attribute in each year?
Date   Mon, 12 Apr 2010 20:45:15 +0100

I don't think so. The -by(subclass quarter)- subdivides observations
according to combinations of the two variables, which I thought was what
you wanted. 


Rodrigo Refoios Camejo

Thanks for your quick reply, Nick... however, your suggestion is
returning only the generic==1 in each subclass and ignoring the by
quarter, i.e. sum is the same for all obs of thin each subclass
irrespectively of the quarter it was observed at.

Any idea what may be going wrong? I've grouped quarter, I've sorted by
quarter subclass and still the same result...

On 4/12/10, Nick Cox <> wrote:
> The larger question here is "How should I model this?" which is
> difficult at the best of times and in any case better left to
> subject-matter experts.
> The smaller question is more my thing.
> egen sum = total(generic == 1), by(subclass quarter)
> may be the sort of solution you need.
> Nick
> Rodrigo Refoios Camejo [edited]
> I have 10 years of panel data on pricing and quantities sold of
> pharmaceuticals. For each presentation (i.e. dosage and package) of
> each product I have data on the prices and quantities sold in each
> quarter. My idea is to fit a regression model with price as the
> dependent variable and independent variables related to competition
> like: # products in the therapeutic class at time of launch; #
> generics in the therapeutic class at time t; market share of market
> leader at time t; price of market leader at time t-1; etc.
> How can I deal with the fact that some products were only launched
> half-way the data timeframe and some were discontinued after launch,
> i.e. when price=="0" & quantity=="0" for all t before t launch and for
> some after t launch. How can I have Stata including in the regression
> only the data for which price and quantity is available? Simply drop
> if price==0? Will it not treat it as missing if I do so?
> Another side question, how can I make Stata count the # products with
> a particular characteristic (e.g. generic==1) marketed in each group
> (subclass) of drugs in each quarter? And then assign to each product
> the count corresponding to the quarter in which that product was
> launched?

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