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Re: st: Egen for logit regression

From   muhammed abdul khalid <>
Subject   Re: st: Egen for logit regression
Date   Wed, 7 Apr 2010 17:00:52 +0200

Thank you Martin for the insights. Its good now.

my assumption is that both parents dies, and thus i suspect that the
unexplained premium attached to ethnic1 is due to the inheritance. I
run another regression for those without wealth and find that those
premium disappears.

Thanks again.


2010/4/7 Maarten buis <>:
> --- On Wed, 7/4/10, muhammed abdul khalid wrote:
>> How do i test the effect on ethnicity IF all observations
>> doesn't have inheritances wealth? Do i introduce another
>> dummy say ''inheritance'', of which it equal to wealth>0
>> at age 20? Or use egen command to create mean value of
>> wealth as a proxy of starting point?
> You would need to define what you mean exactly with
> inheritance, in particular does it include transfers from
> living parents to their kids (e.g. to start a business)
> or are you using a more conventional definition which would
> require that (often both) parents died.  If you use the
> latter definition then your first solution would seem wrong:
> fortunately it is very common that the parents are still
> alive when the kids become 20.  If you use the former
> definition, then I would consider these intergenerational
> transfers as an intervening mechanism: they partly explain
> why race influences wealth. In this case I would _not_ want
> to control for these transfers when estimating the effect
> of race. If we would control for these transfers, we would
> take away the part of the effect that we are pretty sure
> really exists (because we know and understand the mechanism)
> and are left with variation we can't explain. Anyhow, this is
> all academic since you appear to have no information on
> intergenerational transfers in your data.
> Hope this helps,
> Maarten
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