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st: graph change between times

From   Tim <>
Subject   st: graph change between times
Date   Wed, 07 Apr 2010 18:37:35 +1000

Hello Statalist

Any advice welcome.

Even if you tell me a single command that can do all that I have tried, I will honour you. And I will not regard my time as wasted as I have learned much about -gr tw-.

I have not used a standard dataset, nor have I provided my own data. My raw data is confidential and I don't know what standard dataset would show my problem. I hope my question is sufficiently articulated below.

What I want

I want to display the current (2007) value and the change from 2001 for various categories.

What I did

After searching within Stata, I started with -tw pcarrow-. But I did not like the arrowheads. I could not see how to use options to change the arrowheads to another marker.

So I turned to an overlay of -tw pcspike- and -tw scatter-.

My result

This is the code I ended with:

tw	(pcspike c2001_ bchar2 c2007_ bchar2 if grp==1, horiz) ///
	(pcspike c2001_ bchar2 c2007_ bchar2 if grp==2, horiz) ///
	(pcspike c2001_ bchar2 c2007_ bchar2 if grp==3, horiz) ///
	(pcspike c2001_ bchar2 c2007_ bchar2 if grp==4, horiz) ///
	(pcspike c2001_ bchar2 c2007_ bchar2 if grp==5, horiz) ///
	(sc bchar2 c2007_ , msize(vsmall) mcolor(black)) ///
	,	legend(order(1 - "CPAP" 2 3 4 5) position(4) ring(0) col(1) ///
			label(1 "Ventilation") ///
			label(2 "All hospitals") ///
			label(3 "Tertiary") ///
			label(4 "CPAP accredited") ///
			label(5 "Other hospitals")) ///
		ylabel(1(1)16 ,valuelabel angle(0) nogrid tlen(0)) ///
		ymtick(0.5(1)15.5,grid) ///
		ytitle("Infant characteristics") ///
		yscale(reverse) ///
		xtitle("Percentage of infants in that group who received CPAP") ///
		note("Point is value in 2007; line extends from 2001 value")

The graph it produces is at

bchar2 is the baby characteristic coded numerically, with an adjustment for the group (so that separate group lines do not overwrite each other).

Problem 1 (the big problem, and why I posted)

I am having trouble with the legend positioning.
There is a lot of white space in the lower right of the graph so that seems a good place to put the legend. But Intubation has values above 50, as does gestage24-28. -legend position(3)- obscures a point for gestage24-28 and -legend position(5)- obscures a point for intubation.

I would expect -legend position(4)- to give the perfect compromise.
But I cannot see any difference between -legend position(4)- and -legend position(5)-

QUESTION: I know I can move the legend in the graph editor, but is there any way to get the legend slightly higher than -pos(4)- and -pos(5)- produce in the original -graph- command?

SUBQUESTION 1: Should -pos(4)- and -pos(5)- produce noticeable different graphs? If so, why did they not?

Problem 2 (as I'm posting, I might as well get an answer to this)

Several of the graph categories are subcategories of Gestational Age.
I tried specifying a -custom- option to -ylabel- to change that single label to italic, but the result had that label in italic and no other labels.

QUESTION: Can I programmatically change the appearance of a single label? If so, how?

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