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st: WG: Star Levels in Correlation Tables

From   "Martin Weiss" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: WG: Star Levels in Correlation Tables
Date   Mon, 25 Jan 2010 09:33:17 +0100


Nishanth complained about an error message to me privately. I cannot
replicate the problem, even though I intentionally use "rep78" which has
five missing values:

capture which estout
if _rc ssc install estout

sysuse auto, clear

local vars /* 
 */ "pri mpg disp tr rep78"

pwcorr `vars' ,/* 
 */  star(.1) bon

qui estpost correlate `vars', /* 
 */ matrix

esttab ., not unstack/* 
 */  compress noobs /* 
 */  star(* 0.10 ** 0.05 *** 0.01)


Von: Nishanth Chari [mailto:[email protected]] 
Gesendet: Montag, 25. Januar 2010 04:43
An: [email protected]
Betreff: Star Levels in Correlation Tables

Hello Martin,

I had a question about your response to the post online at When I try to
run the commands you've listed, I get the following error message:
"estimates post: matrix has missing values r(504);" and then when I run the
last esttab command all I get is the correlation between my last x variable
and itself (i.e. 1). Do you know how I might fix this? Do I simply need to
make sure that there are no missing values in my data set?

Alternatively, is there any other command that will include the stars
automatically? The command "mkcorr" does not appear to have this option but
I'm wondering if you might know of any other similar command for correlation
tables that does..

Thanks for your help,

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