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st: Sequential ordered probit model

From   Sridhar Telidevara <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Sequential ordered probit model
Date   Thu, 21 Jan 2010 10:23:54 -0500

Does any one have any idea about how to estimate a sequential ordered
probit model using Stata?

I am aware of bioprpobit program written by Zurab Sajaia wihich allows
for simultaneous specification. I am trying to modify this program to
estimate a sequential ordered probit model. In my model the first
categorical variable is observed for the entire sample.  The values it
takes are 0,1,2,3,4 and 5.

The second categorical variable is observed only for those individuals
for whom the first variable is strictly greater than zero. The second
categorical variable takes only two values, 0 and 1.

For starting values, I used the estimates from two regressions,  an
ordered probit regression for the first ordered  variable and a probit
regression for the second variable. Despite providing the initial
values, my ml program keeps saying unable to find feasible values.

I would highly appreciate if you could provide some hints as to how to
write a code for implementing a sequential ordered probit model using
stata and overcome this problem of feasible values.

Thanks a ton,

Sridhar Telidevara

Link to Zurab Sajaia's bioprobit:

Here is the modified program:

capture program drop bi_prob_d0
version 11
use stata_1.dta,replace
program define bi_prob_d0, eclass


 	forvalues i = 1/10 {
		 local grad "`grad' g`i'"

	args todo b lnf g negH `grad'

	tempvar p1_b p2_b qq c12
	tempname r rho gamma d dtanh_dr drho_dr drho_dgamma rr drr1_dr d2tanh_dr2

	mleval `p1_b'  = `b' , eq(1)
	mleval `p2_b'  = `b' , eq(2)
	mleval `r'     = `b' , eq(3) scalar
	mleval `gamma' = `b' , eq(4) scalar
	forvalues k = 1/5 {
		tempvar c`k'1
		mleval `c`k'1' = `b' , eq(`=4+`k'') scalar
	mleval `c12' = `b' , eq(10) scalar

scalar `rr'  = 1/sqrt(1+(`gamma')^2+2*`gamma'*tanh(`r'))
	scalar `rho' = (tanh(`r')+`gamma')*`rr'
	tempvar cut1 cut1_1 cut2 cut2_1
	tempname CUT1 CUT2

	local neginf = minfloat()
	local posinf = maxfloat()
	matrix `CUT1' = `neginf' \ `c11' \ J(4,1,.)   \ `posinf'
	matrix `CUT2' = `neginf' \ `c12'                    \ `posinf'
	forvalues k = 2/5 {
				matrix `CUT1'[`k'+1,1] = `CUT1'[`k',1]+`c`k'1'^2
  	generate double `cut1'   = `CUT1'[$ML_y1+1,1]
	generate double `cut1_1' = `CUT1'[$ML_y1  ,1]
	generate double `cut2'   = `CUT2'[$ML_y2+1,1]
	generate double `cut2_1' = `CUT2'[$ML_y2  ,1]

	local arg11 "(`cut1'  -`p1_b')"
    local arg21 "(`rr'*(`cut2'  -`p2_b'-`gamma'*`p1_b'))"
	local cond11 "$ML_y1"
	local cond21 "$ML_y2"
	local arg12 "(`cut1_1'-`p1_b')"
	local arg22 "(`rr'*(`cut2'  -`p2_b'-`gamma'*`p1_b'))"
	local cond12 "$ML_y1-1"
	local cond22 "$ML_y2"
	local arg13 "(`cut1'  -`p1_b')"
	local arg23 "(`rr'*(`cut2_1'-`p2_b'-`gamma'*`p1_b'))"
	local cond13 "$ML_y1"
	local cond23 "$ML_y2-1"
	local arg14 "(`cut1_1'-`p1_b')"
    local arg24 "(`rr'*(`cut2_1'-`p2_b'-`gamma'*`p1_b'))"
	local cond14 "$ML_y1-1"
	local cond24 "$ML_y2-1"

	forvalues i = 1/4 {
		tempvar q`i'
		generate double `q`i''=0
		replace `q`i''= binormal(`arg1`i'',`arg2`i'',`rho') if ($ML_y1>0 )
		replace `q1' = normal(`arg11') if $ML_y1==0
	generate double `qq' = `q1'-`q2'-`q3'+`q4'
	replace `qq' = 0.1D-60 if(`qq'<=0)
	mlsum `lnf' = ln(`qq')

  	if (`todo'==0 | `lnf'==.)  exit
 // calculate first derivatives

   	scalar `d'           = 1/sqrt(1-(`rho')^2)
	scalar `dtanh_dr'    = 4*exp(2*`r')/((1+exp(2*`r'))^2)
	scalar `drho_dr'     = (`rr'-`gamma'*`rho'*(`rr')^2)*`dtanh_dr'
	scalar `drr1_dr'     = -`gamma'*(`rr')^2*`dtanh_dr'
	scalar `drho_dgamma' = `rr'*(1-(`rho')^2)


forvalues i = 1/4 {

tempvar dF1`i' dF2`i' dF3`i' d1q`i' d3q`i' d10q`i'

		gen double `dF1`i''=0
		gen double `dF2`i''=0
		gen double `dF3`i''=0
		replace `dF1`i''   = normalden(`arg1`i'')*normal(`d'*(`arg2`i'' -
`rho'*`arg1`i'')) if $ML_y1>0
		replace `dF2`i''   = normalden(`arg2`i'')*normal(`d'*(`arg1`i'' -
`rho'*`arg2`i'')) if $ML_y1>0
	   	replace `dF3`i''   =
if $ML_y1>0
		replace `dF11' = normalden(`arg11') if $ML_y1 ==0
		gen double `d1q`i''   = - `dF1`i'' - `gamma'*`rr'*`dF2`i''
		local 			 `d2q`i''    = "(-`dF2`i''*`rr')"
		gen double `d3q`i''   = `dF2`i''*`arg2`i''*`drr1_dr'+`dF3`i''*`drho_dr'
		gen double `d4q`i'' =
		local 	 `d5q`i''  = "`dF1`i''"
		generate double    `d10q`i'' =  `rr'*`dF2`i''
		forvalues k = 2/5 {
			local eqn = 4+`k'
			tempvar d`eqn'q`i'
			generate double `d`eqn'q`i'' = cond(`cond1`i''>=`k',
`dF1`i''*2*`c`k'1', 0)

capture matrix drop `g'

	forvalues i = 1/10{
		tempvar g`i'i
		generate double `g`i'i' = `d`i'q1'-`d`i'q2'-`d`i'q3'+`d`i'q4'
		 replace        `g`i''  = `g`i'i'/`qq'
		mlvecsum `lnf'  `g`i''  = `g`i'', eq(`i')
		matrix `g' = (nullmat(`g'), `g`i'')


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