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st: programing question

From   Eduardo Nunez <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: programing question
Date   Mon, 11 Jan 2010 15:09:08 -0500

Dear statalisters,

I need to calculate the p-value for continuous variables comparison
among two levels of the exposure variable, using non-parametric method
I adapted a program I got from Martin Weiss:
tempname hdle
capt erase info.dta
postfile `hdle' str30 var noCMV_50p noCMV_25p noCMV_75p /*
*/ CMV_50p CMV_25p CMV_75p pval /*
*/ using info

foreach var of varlist los edad fc_ingreso tas_ingreso_i tad_i hb hto
leucos neutrofilos linfocitos monocitos cr gfr acurico_i au_gfr
colesteroli ldli hdl_i tgai na pcri fn_i tni ca125i ntprobnpi fe_i
dtdvii dtsvii septoi pp_i lvmass_i ai_i anchoqrs charlson_index
cpies_dnaml_max hsp60_maxi hsp60_maxi hsp60_total_maxi il1_beta_maxi
il_6_maxi il_10_mini tnf_a_maxi leucos1 linfos1 neutrofilos1
monocitos1 linfporc linfporc1 linfporc_min {
       sum `var' if !dnacmv, d
       loc noCMV_50p=r(p50)
       loc noCMV_25p=r(p25)
       loc noCMV_75p=r(p75)
       sum `var' if dnacmv, d
       loc CMV_50p=r(p50)
       loc CMV_25p=r(p25)
       loc CMV_75p=r(p75)
       ranksum `var', by(dnacmv)
       local pval=r(?????)
       sum `var', d
       post `hdle' ("`var'") (`noCMV_50p') (`noCMV_25p') (`noCMV_75p') /*
       */ (`CMV_50p') (`CMV_25p') (`CMV_75p') (`pval')

postclose `hdle'

use info, clear
l, abbrev(30) noobs sep(0)

However, ranksum doesn't reurn r(p) but r(z). How can I get the
p-value for each comparison using "z"?

Thank you in advance,

Eduardo, MD, MPH
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