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Re: st: formatted output

From   Eric Booth <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: formatted output
Date   Mon, 11 Jan 2010 12:51:37 -0600


Have you tried -rtfutil- (from SSC) ?

~ Eric
Eric A. Booth
Public Policy Research Institute
Texas A&M University
[email protected]
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On Jan 11, 2010, at 12:45 PM, Jeph Herrin wrote:

> I am trying to use Stata to generate reports, each of which
> contains tables and graphs relevant to one of many units
> (here, hospitals).
> In the past I have done this one of two ways. One is
> to use Stata to create a CSV table of results, and
> then a word processing program (eg Word) to "merge"
> each row of the table into a template to create the reports.
> This makes nice reports, but runs into trouble if some
> units have exceptions, and requires then converting all
> the (eg) Word files to PDF etc etc.
> So when suitable I use -file- to write text, including SMCL
> tags, to a text file, and then -translate- to filter the
> .smcl files into postscript files. This works fairly well
> if there are only tables/text (no graphs), and if Courier
> is acceptable. What I would like to do is
> 1) Embed some graph format in smcl so that it is converted or
> streamed into the postscript file (or linked into the postscript
> so it is embedded in a final PDF file)?
> 2) Tag the SMCL in such a way that -smcl2ps- uses other, proportional
> fonts for tagged text?
> Anyone have any experience or insight into how to solve either
> problem? I think I have to solve both or else use the MS Word
> method for this project.
> I'll just add that this remains one of Stata's larger shortcomings
> relative to other statistical packages, I work with analysts who
> use **S for everything they do only because it gives pretty output
> when they need it.
> thanks,
> Jeph
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