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RE: st: RE: How to show all the letters in the variable name when they are long?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: How to show all the letters in the variable name when they are long?
Date   Fri, 27 Nov 2009 18:18:10 -0000

Difficult to advise further except 

1. Use short names if you can. 

2. Put distinguishing material at the beginning of variable names not
the end if you can. 


I am sorry for my incorrect claim. With regard to my situation, some
variable names are long and the left of these variable names are the
same. So it is hard to distinguish them in the result window. Certainly,
I can distinguish them in the variable window.

From: Nick Cox <>

In general, I can think of three cases here:

1. Commands where you have no control. Thus -summarize- offers no option
to tune this. 

2. Commands where you have some control. Thus -list- offers an
-abbreviate()- option. 

3. Programs you write yourself. Here you just arrange that there is
enough space for exactly the display you want. 

I don't think that any global setting changes this. For example, -set
linesize- does not. 

But Rose's final claim should be incorrect. Stata's variable name
abbreviations may seem cryptic, but they should not be ambiguous. 



Some of my variable names are so long that stata replace some middle
letters with "~".

For example,
su wemploycashta
the variable name will be showed as wemploycas~a

How to show all the letters? If these variable names are not showed
totally, I can not distinguish them.

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