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st: Calculating readmissions for specific providers

From   Michelle Unterbrink <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: Calculating readmissions for specific providers
Date   Tue, 24 Nov 2009 09:57:07 -0500

Hello Statalist,

I'm calculating readmission rates for a hospital with many providers. I have been able to successfully calculate overall readmission rates; but I also need to calculate readmissions from a particular group of physicians. In other words, I need to know interval between admissions for patients that are discharged by a group of providers, then admitted later to any provider.

My data is set up with rows corresponding to visits, and patients have unique identifiers (mrn).

Interval between admissions:
bysort mrn (adm_date) : gen readmit_interval = (hours(adm_date - dsc_date[_n-1])/24)

Number of times a patient is admitted:
duplicates tag mrn, generate (readmissions)

The preceding commands generate statistics for all admissions, regardless of provider.

I generated a new variable to identify the providers of interest:
For 'provider' variable, 1 = a provider of interest, 0 = other providers 
gen provider = (md_name==1|md_name==5...)

Using the provider variable, it's simple to calculate readmissions for patients discharged from and readmitted to the providers of interest, but this doesn't capture readmissions to the other providers:
bysort mrn (adm_date) : gen readmit_interval_hosp = (hours(adm_date - dsc_date[_n-1])/24) if provider==1

How can I modify my readmission formulas to capture readmissions only when a patient is discharged from a provider of interest? Any help would be much appreciated!


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