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st: Multiple group latent growth models with xtmixed

From   John Holmes <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: Multiple group latent growth models with xtmixed
Date   Mon, 23 Nov 2009 17:08:47 +0000


I have been estimating latent growth models using -xtmixed- with a
continuous income measure as the dependent variable and long-term
family status (14 categories) as an independent variable.  However, I
am wanting to estimate simultaneous models for two separate groups -
those poor at time=0 and those not poor at time=0.  Is this possible
using xtmixed?  I appreciate that I could simply include 'poor' as a
covariate or estimate two separate models but I want to obtain a
robust multiple groups analysis with parameters estimated separately
for each group rather than uniformly modified by group.

My syntax (with simplified variable names) for the non-groups model is:

xtmixed income familytype2-familytype14
familytype2BYtime-familytype14BYtime time ///
        || id: time, cov(un) var mle

I'd be grateful if anyone could show me how to do the syntax for a
grouped model.

John Holmes

Research Associate
Institute for Social Change
University of Manchester
4th Floor Arthur Lewis Building
Oxford Road
M13 9PL


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