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st: re: overid error

From   Kit Baum <>
Subject   st: re: overid error
Date   Mon, 23 Nov 2009 10:24:52 -0500

The overid routine of Baum, Schaffer, Stillman and Wiggins (LLP) has been upgraded to deal with two reported issues. First, the routine failed to run after -ivtobit-. We have determined that this is caused by a bug in -ivtobit- return values, which we have worked around and reported to StataCorp. Second, my code for handling -reg3- models worked fine on Klein's Model I but gobbled huge chunks of memory on a sizable model. Austin Nichols kindly provided a more economical routine, which is now installed in overid. It should now be fully compatible with Stata 11.

overid might be useful for those still working with Stata 9.2, as it can be used after official -ivreg- (or Baum-Schaffer-Stillman -ivreg2-) to produce overidentification tests. For more recent versions, -estat overid- may be used after -ivregress-.

To install, use ssc inst overid, replace  or adoupdate.


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