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st: RE: problems on the string functions

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: problems on the string functions
Date   Thu, 19 Nov 2009 15:59:43 -0000

Answers embedded below. 


1. I want to replace the second word in a string varible with another
word. What is the right function?

NJC>>> If you're lucky, -subinstr()- might be enough. 
Otherwise, use -split- followed by -egen, concat()- 

I have looked up string functions. Unluckily, no findings.
BTW, I found -word()- was maybe useful for what I want to do. However,
missing values were always caused when I applied.
For example,

input str6 v1
g v2=word(v1,2)

The result window showed "(3 missing values generated)" .

Could anyone tell me why?

NJC>>> Sure. None of these strings has more than one word. So, the
second word is empty (missing). 

2.I have two string variables v1 and v2. I want to generate a new
variable v3 as following.

v1      v2  v3
abc123 123 abc
ab45   b45 a
cdef67 f67 cde

How to deal with it?


gen v3 = substr(v1, 1, strpos(v1, v2) - 1) 

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