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st: Trouble outputting t-statistics with outreg2

From   Benjamin Reddy <>
Subject   st: Trouble outputting t-statistics with outreg2
Date   Wed, 18 Nov 2009 18:32:21 -0500


Sorry for the proliferation of threads--I'm new to this and hopefully
have it figured out.  (Martin, sorry for emailing you privately in the
middle of the thread.)

Here's the consolidated version:

Thanks, Martin and Nick, for your replies.

I'm using:
*! outreg2 2.2.0 14nov2009 by [hidden email]
*! based on outreg 3.0.6/4.0.0 by [hidden email]

My colleague is using:
*! outreg2 2.1.2 04Aug2009 by [hidden email]
*! based on outreg 3.0.6/4.0.0 by [hidden email]

 In reply to this post  by Benjamin Reddy
-outreg2- is a user-written program, and although it is a very famous
one, it still falls under the heading. Thus you are asked to explain
where user-written programs you refer to come from.

It is unlikely that your computer as such is to blame. The first step
is to compare whether you and your colleague are using exactly the
same version of -outreg2-.

. which outreg2

will tell you.

[hidden email]


Do you and your colleague use the same -version- of -outreg2-? Type -which
outreg2- to find out...


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Subject: st: Trouble outputting t-statistics with outreg2


I'm having trouble getting the t-statistics to write to file using
'outreg2'.  The problem seems to be specific to my computer because
when the do-rile containing the command is run on my colleague's
computer, everything works fine.  Has anyone has problems with this?

For example, I run something like the following:

reg price qty M2-M6 if RT==1, cluster(day)
outreg2 using "price_reg.xls", ctitle("Full model") stats(coef tstat)
replace excel label 2aster

The output file shows the coeffecients (with asterisks), but no
t-stats.  There is a note on the bottom that says, "Robust
t-statistics in parentheses".  As I said above, there is no problem
running this on my colleague's computer.

Am I missing something obvious?

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