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st: bootstrap replications Oaxaca nldecompose

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Subject   st: bootstrap replications Oaxaca nldecompose
Date   Wed, 18 Nov 2009 12:51:24 -0000

Dear statalist users,
I am running a non linear Oaxaca decomposition using the command
"nldecompose" in Stata 10. I would like to compute standard errors and I
am using the bootstrap option for that purpose, but I am getting a
different number of replications (and slightly different standard
errors) every time I run the model. I always specify 100 reps. I am not
sure of why this is happening, because when a run the same model with
interactions in two of the variables (age and sex) the problem
disappears. However, I am interested in the results of the model in
which age and sex are separate variables to see their independent
contribution to the overall differences of the dependent variable. Could
any one help me to understand what the problem could be or what results
should I report then? 

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