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st: confused with syntax graphing points

From   Webicky <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: confused with syntax graphing points
Date   Wed, 11 Nov 2009 10:23:50 -0800

I am looking to add several classification points to a scatter graph.
The idea is to keep ONE graph.

scatter  testscore age if test_group==2, msymbol(Oh) || scatter
testscore age if test_group==1, msymbol(Th) is my first step.  This
works fine.

The question I have struggled with is how to change only some points
that are displayed in the scatter graph but keep the entire graph.

I want to use variable expgroup(1=yes 0==no) to change markers where
expgroup== 1 & test_group==2 to msymbol(O) and where expgroup== 1 &
test_group==1 to msymbol(T), but keep them in the same graph. So - I'd
have the same graph above except some points would be hollow others

I'd like to add one more step of complexity and change the size of the
markers based on more variable - again keeping it in the same scatter.
 for example variable entrypoint(1=ontime, 0=late). test_group==2  &
entrypoint ==1 / test_group==1  & entrypoint ==1.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ben Web man
[email protected]

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