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RE: st: Survey data settings

From   "Jackson, Theron Keith (UMSL-Student)" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Survey data settings
Date   Mon, 2 Nov 2009 23:56:24 -0600



From: [email protected] on behalf of Stas Kolenikov
Sent: Mon 11/2/2009 10:19 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: st: Survey data settings

On 11/2/09, Jackson, Theron Keith (UMSL-Student) <[email protected]> wrote:
>  So it is possible to have stata perform 3 different svyset commands
> in the same dataset?

No, you'd have to invent a data structure to represent your design.
Something along the lines of:

gen strata1 = county
gen strata2 = 1
replace strata2 = jail if design_type == "several jails"
egen ultimate_strata = group( strata1 strata2 )

gen PSU = person
replace PSU = cluster if design_type = "several jails"

svyset PSU [pw=sampling_weight], strata( ultimate_strata )

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