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Re: st: RE: one-sided p-value using test x1=x2

Subject   Re: st: RE: one-sided p-value using test x1=x2
Date   Wed, 30 Sep 2009 20:29:19 +0200

Hi Martin,

thanks for your reply!
I don't understand, however, how I can use the ttest with regressions with more than one continuous independent variables?


Zitat von Martin Weiss <>:


Why don`t you take your cue from official Stata?

webuse fuel3, clear
ttest mpg, by(treated)
reg mpg treated
te treated


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Subject: st: one-sided p-value using test x1=x2

Hello all,

can anyone help me how to calculate the one-sided p-value of a F-test
testing coefficients from panel regressions? (test x1=x2)
For example, I would like to test whether beta1<beta2 and not
beta1=beta2. Is it correct when I just divide the p-value by 2 when
testing beta1-beta2>0 and calculate (1-p-value/2) when testing
beta1-beta2<0? Does anything change when both coefficients are
negative? Do I need to take absolute values?

Sorry for bothering you with this rather simple question, but I was
not sure whether the FAQ contribution to one-sided tests
( applies to my
case, as I want to test the difference between two coefficients (and
not whether a coefficient is smaller or larger than zero or another

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Regards, Ida

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