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st: svyset problem 1

From   Peter Muhlberger <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: svyset problem 1
Date   Wed, 23 Sep 2009 16:16:30 -0500

Hi folks:  Any thoughts on this mysterious error msg?

I get the following error...

. svy: reg motivhlthQ25d knowfewprofsQ26a badexperQ26b
(running regress on estimation sample)
fpc for all observations within a stratum must be the same

...using this syvset command:

svyset School_Number, poststrata(category)
postweight(categorySchoolsN) singleunit(centered)

When I do a crosstab on category and NumSchoolsInCategory, there is
only one NumSchoolsInCategory for any given category, thus fpc values
are identical for all observations in a given stratum--contrary to the
error message.  r(461) might also indicate some issues w/ calculating
the variance.  I have a minimum N of 36 per category & max 294, so I'd
think variance calculation shouldn't be a problem.

School_Number is an identifier for each school.  category is a strata
identifier (subsets of schools with similar characteristics).
categorySchoolsN is the number of students in a given category and
NumSchoolsInCategory is the number of schools in a given category.
There are 8 categories.
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