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st: RE: AW: Dotplot and bar option

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: AW: Dotplot and bar option
Date   Tue, 22 Sep 2009 12:30:28 +0100

While StataCorp are explaining and/or fixing, note that -stripplot- from
SSC can produce similar graphs, e.g. 

stripplot  mpg, over(foreign) center box vertical stack height(0.3)


Martin Weiss

Same problem on my end! The example from the manual does not run,
Stata chokes on the name of a temporary variable which is for some
".". When -unab- goes to work on this variable, it returns the error  ".
invalid name". Weirdly enough, both versions of Stata seem to use the
version of dotplot: 

*! version 3.5.3  25may2005

Garry Anderson
sysuse auto
(1978 Automobile Data)

dotplot mpg, over(foreign) nx(25) ny(10) center median bar
. invalid name

However, the same command in Stata 10.1 does not give an error message
and produces the dotplot as shown on page 360 of the online Stata 11 [R]
manual. Removing the -,bar- option shows the dotplot without the bars.

Any suggestions as to why the bar option is causing a problem would be

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