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RE: st: re: factor analysis

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: re: factor analysis
Date   Mon, 29 Jun 2009 16:14:44 +0100

Depending on which version of Stata you have 

0. It may predate any factor analysis or PCA command. (You are working
with a real antique.) 

1. It may support -factor- with PCA functionality included. -score- is
available to calculate scores afterwards. 

2. It may support -factor- and -pca- separately with -score- available

3. It may support -factor- and -pca- separately with -predict- available

At this moment I lack the inclination to rummage around to work out
exactly when these changes were made. But Evans Jadotte's advice here is
incorrect, as if -score- won't work after -factor- it won't work with
-pca-. That is, in any version of Stata with -factor- and -pca- the
appropriate command for calculating scores used to be -score-, but is
now -predict-. 


Evans Jadotte

Try with pca (principal component analysis) that does support score.

francis wasswa wrote:

> I am trying to create an asset index using DHS data. 
> I used the following command:
> fac v119 - v129 v153, pcf
> score wealthindex
> I do get an error message that score is not allowed after factor. 
> Any idea as to how i should create this asset index.

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