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st: How to Plot Panel Data Models or Fitted Curves

From   John Simpson <>
Subject   st: How to Plot Panel Data Models or Fitted Curves
Date   Mon, 29 Jun 2009 10:48:16 -0600


Hello Stata Experts,

I have a large set of panel data generated by a series of agent-based computer simulations. There are thousands of panels holding high- level population statistics and many are unbalanced. I would like to set aside plotting the panels individually and avoid overlaying the panels (there are just too many) so xtline seems to not be an option for me.

What I would like is a fitted curve that is based on these panels and that includes the confidence interval as a shaded area. This needs to be done for all the panels and for specific subsets that meet certain criteria.

ANY help or suggestions would be appreciated as I'm currently coming up with nothing in from the manuals, online help, or the web.

Thank you,

John Simpson
Department of Philosophy
University of Alberta
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