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st: Help with ice for imputing a categorical variable

From   Dana March <>
Subject   st: Help with ice for imputing a categorical variable
Date   Sun, 28 Jun 2009 16:18:35 -0400

I am trying to impute missing values for a single categorical SES  
variable, and am having a difficult time (I am new to multiple  

About my data:
300 or so observations from a case-control study (n=544)
The variable of interest is a covariate in my analysis.  It has 4  
categories, coded 0-4, with 0 as the reference category.  There are  
74 missing values.
I would like to impute categorical values for this variable.
I have complete data for other continuous covariates I can use for  
the imputation.

I have consulted ice help and Royston's 2005 paper in the Stata  
Journal (vol 2, pp.1-14), scoured the net, and remain unclear about a  
number of issues.
For example:
It is unclear to me whether I should use the ice command or the uvis  
It is also unclear to me whether I should specify the variable as a  
categorical variable using xi: and i. (alternatively, as m., o.)

Any clear advice for someone new to MI and examples of syntax would  
be *much* appreciated.

In advance, many thanks,
Dana March
PhD candidate in Epidemiology
Columbia University

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