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st: pass quotes in a local macro

From   moleps islon <>
Subject   st: pass quotes in a local macro
Date   Sat, 27 Jun 2009 01:05:28 +0200

Dear Marten,

That worked out the last part of the problemand I appreciate it, what
is left is now how to pass this into the -xlabel-option...

foreach var in `w'{

      local zar=(`za'+(o+1)*(`gt'))
      local er "`:label(`3')`var''"

      local xt `xt' `zar' `er'

      local ++gt
local xt `xt' `xt2'
di "`xt'"

tw `q', xtitle(`3') xlabel(none) ytitle(`1') name(`1',replace)
legend(subtitle(`2')) legend(`z') xtick `xt'

running this results in the following local xt macro

--( .5 1 3.5 2 6.5 3 9.5 4 12.5 5 15.5 6 )-- all correct.. however for
it be meaningful in -xlabel- I need it to be

(.5 "1" 3.5 "2" 6.5 "3" 9.5 "4" etc,.etc.,...)

How can I get the double quotes into a local that is expanded ???


I´m having great trouble responding to threads. Before I could just
press reply (using gmail from firefox), however now this doesnt work
anymore and the response never shows up. Any idea?

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