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st: macro and twoway graph

From   moleps islon <>
Subject   st: macro and twoway graph
Date   Thu, 25 Jun 2009 17:55:54 +0200

Dear listers,
For some reason I cannot respond to responses to my posting yesterday.
Bare with me if the responses appear later.

I´ve rephrased the problem that I cannot come to grips with.

set obs 500
gen r=_n
gen t=runiform()
egen q=mean(t)

tw (line t r, sort) (line q r,sort)-->works fine

local r="(line t r, sort)"
local y="(line q r,sort)"

. di "`y'"
(line q r,sort)

. di "`r'"
(line t r, sort)

. local m "`y' " "`r'"

. di "`m'"
(line q r,sort) (line t r, sort)

. tw "`m'"
line        ( is not a twoway plot type

What is the correct positioning of the " ´ and `in this problem???


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