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st: R 2000 error with mim:svy:logit

From   melissa Butler <>
Subject   st: R 2000 error with mim:svy:logit
Date   Wed, 24 Jun 2009 10:55:10 -0400

Hello List,

I was wondering if anyone could give me guidance.  I am using Stata 10.

I was able to use mim without svy. with no problem.

I then ran svy by itself with not problem.

But when I tried to use both commands together as shown below I got
the following message.

. mim: svy: logit assercut2 $x $con
-> _mj==2
-> svy: logit assercut2 thoro compet confid compas hurry contkn
concern married livesa nokid onekid twokid tkpermda    comho
> us msa aa lat othe agee male employ hsgrad lt25 exvg good better same dis4 dis5 dis6 dis8 dis13 dis14 dis17 dis23    dis24
>  difcing difhing cvd othhrt pcogfunc notiadl noadl canconc trobgetc dlycarcst dual hmo esi triself totdis glit
(running logit on estimation sample)
no observations
an error occurred when svy executed logit

Thanks Melissa

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