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st: R: RE: rowmean within a loop

From   "Carlo Lazzaro" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: R: RE: rowmean within a loop
Date   Mon, 22 Jun 2009 14:59:36 +0200

Dear Martin and Nick,
thanks  a lot for your kind reply and sorry for not being clear in my
previous message.

I am doing a probabilistic sensitivity analysis (PSA) with 10,000
simulations for each variable.
I would like to obtain 10,000 s`i' simulations (that is, 10,000 s`i',
expressing the monthly probability of surviving for people affected by a
given disease and followed-up from 50 to 100 years of age);
Then I multiply this 10,000 probabilities for the surviving expressed in a
monthly base (LYS), in order to get 10,000 LYS weighted for s`i'(ie,
s`i'*LYS) (where LYS =.0833333).

My problem is: I would like to collect, for each month, the rowmean value of
u`i', calculated across all the 10,000 simulations.

Assuming for sake of simplicity that my PSA stops after 3 simulations, I
would figure out a file.dta like the following one: 

Month		s1		u1		s2		u2
s3		u3
1	.0198312	.0016526	.0189071	.00157559
.0386583	.00322152
2	.01853398	.0015445	.01767033	.00147253
.03612954	.00301079
3	.01732161	.00144347	.01651445	.0013762
.03376619	.00281385

By the way, for another research purpose, I am interested in storing in
another variable, the total() per column of each u`i'.

Thanks a lot for your kindness and for your time.

Kind Regards,
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Inviato: lunedì 22 giugno 2009 13.03
Oggetto: st: RE: rowmean within a loop

The intent of the code you give is difficult to understand. It commits
you to generating 20000 new variables, s1-s10000 and u1-u10000, which I
doubt is what you really want. 

egen v`i' = rowmean(u`i') 

within a loop is just going to put the rowmean of one variable (that
variable, identically) in another variable, which is pointless. 

Do start again from the beginning: 

1. Explain your data. 

2. Explain your problem. 


Carlo Lazzaro

after typing 

qui forval i =1/10000  {
qui g double s`i' = Surv_Pos_IFI[`i']*(1-Monthly_Pr_Death_AML_MDS_Prob)
in 1
replace s`i' = s`i'[_n-1]*(1-Monthly_Pr_Death_AML_MDS_Prob) if s`i'==.
qui g double u`i' = s`i'*LYS

I would like to obtain a variable where I can store the rowmeans for all

I tried unsuccessfully to use egen v`i'=rowmean(u`i'), but this way I
(obviously, I would suppose) get v`i' for each u`i', and this not help
achievement of my research purpose.

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