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st: Re: standard error and significance

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Subject   st: Re: standard error and significance
Date   Wed, 17 Jun 2009 01:25:15 +0200


The standard error of Rij will be accessible after the rgression as -di _se[Rij]- which , according to your formula, is what you need...

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Subject: st: standard error and significance

Dear all,

Here's a fomula,


where Rij is a coef. abtained form a regression; Si and Sj are obtained form a data set (let's say ten years annual data).

Now, I am going to evaluated Y at the means of Si and Sj. The standard errors of Y can be calculated by SE(Y)=SE(Rij)/SiSj. So How could I determine if the result of Y is siginificant at 5% level, according to its standard error? How to do it by STATA?



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