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Re: st: Working with DHS for Ghana Year 2003

From   Evans Jadotte <>
Subject   Re: st: Working with DHS for Ghana Year 2003
Date   Sun, 14 Jun 2009 11:45:46 +0200

Tharshini Thangavelu wrote:
Thanks for the help! It seems to be working to merge the data files.

For those who are familiar working with anthropometric data analysis, please
take a look at the question and clarify my argument. My question is about the
anthropometric data from the DHS. In the file the variables are defined as :
(HC70)Ht/ A Standard (according to WHO), (HC71) Wt/A Standard deviation (accod.
who). The values does not seem plausible. Here below you may find the summary
for the two variable. My question is, should I apply (manipulate the data and
recalculate with help of stata)according to the WHO growth standard? Since, it
can not be possible that a ghanian child is 145. 48 standard deviation behind a
well nourished child (the reference group)?
If the case is that I have to calculate my self according to the WHO growth
standard, how do I do this in Stata?


 sum  hc70 hc71

    Variable |       Obs        Mean    Std. Dev.       Min        Max
        hc70 |      3419     -145.48    155.7705       -594        588
        hc71 |      3419   -100.0962     118.903       -547        457

On 2009-06-12, at 14:00, Friedrich Huebler wrote:
Tharshini has two files, one with anthropometric data for children and
one with a listing of all household members that includes the same
children. The data must be combined with -merge-, not -append-.


On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 3:42 AM, Evans Jadotte<> wrote:
Hi Tharshini,

Maybe you want to 'append' one file to another if what you need is to add
new variables to your master file.

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Indeed these numbers do not make sense (seen in standard deviations). Normally standard deviations in height z-scores and weight z-scores in the range

-6 > height for age z-scores > 6
-4 > weight for age z-scores > 4

should be flagged as invalid. Check out this DHS' Guide to Statistics. Maybe you will get a clue for Ghana.


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