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st: RE: Omega statistic

From   Philip Ender <>
Subject   st: RE: Omega statistic
Date   Wed, 10 Jun 2009 16:28:24 -0700

Solorzano Mosquera, Jenniffer wrote->

Hi everybody,
How can I compute Omega Statistic in Stata? I don't find omega2 at
It is for comparing the contributions of subsets of predictors in a
multiple regression model
(including generalized linear models, survival models

-omega2.ado- (please note the lowercase o in omega) still exists but
has been superceded by -effectsize- which is a bit more general.  Both
of these commands only work with -anova-

I should note that omega^2 is designed to work woth fixed-effects
categorical variables.  If you are looking at continuous predictors
then eta^2 or partial eta^2 is probably better.  If you are using
-regress- than you might want to look for -regeffectsize-.  None of
the above commands will work with survival models.  I don't not know
any way to get omega^2 or eta^2 for survival analysis.

Phil Ender
Statistical Consulting Group
UCLA  Academic Technology Services
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