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st: Using date locals with -tin()-

From   Michael Hanson <>
Subject   st: Using date locals with -tin()-
Date   Tue, 09 Jun 2009 00:50:55 -0400

I would like to get the -tin()- function to recognize the current date, such as in the example proposed below. If you run this example today (as in 2009-Jun-09), the first three list commands should yield the same results, while the last does not work due to a syntax error. I'm guessing that is because `today' evaluates to 18057 instead of 09jun2009 in the -tin()- function (for today, that is), but I'm not sure. Suggestions on how to use (some form of) the local macro `today' inside the -tin()- function would be appreciated.

// begin example code

// Define today
local today = date(c(current_date),"DMY")
disp `today'
disp %td `today'

// Create synthetic dataset
webuse sp500, clear
gen datenew = date + int(365.25*8)
format datenew %td
drop date
tsset datenew
order datenew
drop if tin(01jul2009,)

// Display data
list in -15/l                // OK
list if datenew >= `today'   // OK
list if tin(09jun2009,)      // OK
list if tin(`today',)        // Error

// end example code

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

-- Mike

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