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Re: st: Weight matrices

From   Robert A Yaffee <>
Subject   Re: st: Weight matrices
Date   Sun, 07 Jun 2009 12:50:34 -0400

    You need to specify the purpose of the weights.   Are these sampling weights (inverse
of the probability of selection) post-stratification weights (to correct for sampling
proportions of the Census),  weights to be used for boosting regression,weights to
downweight outliers, or weights  for weighted least squares designed to address a 
problem of heteroskedasticity, weights to address edge effects in spatial statistics?  
In these cases, the type of weight to be used could be based on a different formula.
       Bob Yaffee

Robert A. Yaffee, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Silver School of Social Work
New York University

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Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009 3:37 pm
Subject: st: Weight matrices

> Hi There,
> I am a graduate student at Texas AM university. I would like to 
> construct a weight matrice using seven counties but one of the county 
> shares same border with all the counties. I would like to know how I 
> can do it using Stata (mine is stata 10)? I know how to do it on paper 
> using 1/0. 
> Thanks for your help,
> God bless,
>  Justus Lotade-Manje
>  PhD candidate and Graduate Research Assistant
> Dept. of Agricultural Economics
> Texas A&M University
> College Station,TX 77843
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