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st: Complex survey with only sampling weights

From   "[ISO-8859-1] Fernando Terrés" <>
Subject   st: Complex survey with only sampling weights
Date   Mon, 01 Jun 2009 18:09:44 +0200

Thank you very much for the answers,
What I would like to do in a first instance (apart from descriptives and 
totals) is to compare subpopulations with respect to certain variables 
(working conditions), so confidence intervals are needed in order to 
asses if the differences are statistically significant (I didn't knew 
that SPSS had a survey module, but anyway I will use Stata 10 for the 
My problem then is on how to process this data. Talking Stata:
- Ideally I would have to:
svyset mun [pweight=pw] || sect || _n, strata(strat)
With: mun=identifier for municipalities, the included weights, 
sect=identifier for sections, and
egen strat=group(gender region size activity)
But: the identifiers are not included in the data set, I'm also unsure 
on whether the stratification is done at the individual level (they say 
that select them by quotes), it seems that strata are defined as 
grouping on gender*region*size*activity because they tabulate those 
values (but in the data file there are some of this groups, a few, with 
different pw, probably errors).
- If I have correctly understood, Michael suggests doing:
svyset, poststrata(strat) postweight(pw)
- On the question of Austin, yes I have an in-between variable, the 
province (50). But I don't understand how to proceed afterwards. One 
cluster with the weights, and then individuals?

Fernando Terres
Lecturer. PhD candidate
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Diagonal, 647 - 10
08028 Barcelona (Spain)

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