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st: AW: Probabilities after logit?

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: AW: Probabilities after logit?
Date   Mon, 1 Jun 2009 14:59:25 +0200


If you want to apply your formula to the estimates, use -nlcom-

webuse lbw2, clear

logit low age lwt /* 
 */ race2 race3 smoke/* 
 */  ptl ht ui 
nlcom exp(_b[age])/(1+exp(_b[age]))

//for all covariates
capt ssc inst indeplist

qui indeplist

foreach var in `r(X)'{
	nlcom exp(_b[`var'])/(1+exp(_b[`var']))


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[] Im Auftrag von Kanter, Rebecca
Gesendet: Montag, 1. Juni 2009 14:50
Betreff: st: Probabilities after logit?


I would like to get the logit output in stata in a form of "probabilities"
(via transforming the log odds through the formula e^x / (1 + e^x)). Does
anyone know if there is a command(s) to do this? (I know you can get the
"predicted" line in the probability format, but am looking here, to be able
to see the coefficients in the form of probabilities).


Rebecca M. Kanter
PhD Candidate
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Department of International Health
Center for Human Nutrition

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