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st: Variance decomposition

From   "Susan Olivia" <>
Subject   st: Variance decomposition
Date   Tue, 31 Mar 2009 17:15:14 -0700

Dear Stata list,

I have the following model y[ch] = x?[ch]beta + u[ch]
and u[ch] = eta[c] + e[ch],

where c corresponds to location ?c? and h corresponds to
household ?h?. In other words, the error term can be
thought of the error due to the location component and the
household component. 

I would like to decompose the total variance due to these
two effects. Can I get any advice how to tackle this issue? 

At first sight, I thought this model is similar to that of
random effects, but we?re dealing in space rather than
time dimension. 

Any insights on this are much appreciated. As I still have a
lot to learn on Stata. 





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