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st: maximum number of characters in do file

From   Rodrigo Briceño <>
Subject   st: maximum number of characters in do file
Date   Tue, 24 Mar 2009 14:40:57 -0600

Dear Stata listers.
Background: Stata 9, Windows Vista.

I am trying to make a do file that will define the values for 5820
health care providers. I did the syntax in excel in order to have the
proper format (quotation marks and numbers associated to names), but
when I tried to paste into the do file a message appeared informing me
that: "You will exceed the maximum number of characters that the
do-file editor can hold (131071 bytes) if text is pasted"

I looked in google for similar questions to the stata list and some
solution provided was to use notepad, but using this I got the error:
input too long.

I'm hoping that my question is very well written and formulated in
order to get a proper response from any of you. Thanks.!

Rodrigo Briceño
+506  22-91-12-00 ext. 113   Office
+506  22-32-08-30                Fax

SKYPE: rbriceno1087

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