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Re: st: What is this mode called? And how to get out of it?

From   Eva Poen <>
Subject   Re: st: What is this mode called? And how to get out of it?
Date   Tue, 24 Mar 2009 19:00:22 +0000


there are several possibilities. The fault may lie with a loop that
you forgot to close in interactive mode. For example:

. forvalues x = 1/10 {
  2. blah
  3. blubb
  4. exit

In this case, a closing brace } will close the loop and make Stata
execute the loop. Or you interactively used -program- :

. program hello
  1. This
  2. has
  3. numbers
  4. end

In this case, type -end-. The other thing that comes to mind is
-input-. Typing -end- will help here, too.

Hope this helps,

2009/3/24 Rachel <>:
> Occasionally, even without the -pause- command, Stata goes into a mode
> in which anytime I type a command, it simply reprints it with a number
> next to it.  For example,
> 1. exit, clear
> 2. quit
> 3. su var1
> The command that gets Stata out of pause mode, -quit-, doesn't work in
> this case. What is this mode called? And what command will let me exit
> this mode and get back to the regular command line?
> Thanks very much,
> Rachel
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