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st: three-way tables, exporting to tex

From   Richard Ochmann <>
Subject   st: three-way tables, exporting to tex
Date   Fri, 20 Mar 2009 17:45:47 +0100


how would you export a three-way table to a .tex document?

I would like to produce a summary table for a continuous variable over 
three categorical variables. Cells shall contain means as well as 
I found I can nicely do that with -table- (find my code below). Now I have 
a hard time exporting the resulting table to a .tex document that I can 
further edit in LaTeX.
I tried with user-written programs like -estout- and -tabout-. While 
-tabout- brings me close, I didnt figure out how to do a three-way table 
While this problem is certainly easily worked-around producing separate 
two-way tables conditioning on the third variable and somehow combining 
them, I would be happy to have a one-step solution here.

thanks for ideas!

Stata 10, WinXP

best, rich

webuse union
table year union south, c(freq mean grade)

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