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st: sum2 available from SSC for creating summary statistics for table-making

From   Roy Wada <>
To   <>
Subject   st: sum2 available from SSC for creating summary statistics for table-making
Date   Thu, 19 Mar 2009 14:12:37 -0700

Thanks to Kit Baum and his early morning habits, -sum2- is now
available for your downloading pleasure from SSC. Stata 7 or 
better is required.

sum2 is a no-nonsense program that stores summary statistics
in a format suitable for use with table-making programs.
sum2 is more or less inspired by -mfx2- by Richard Williams and 
-margeff- by Tamas Bartus.
There used to be a few postings saying something to the effect that
older commands like -outtex- are not capable of reporting marginal 
effects (and that you had to use this one particular user-written
program if you wanted a table of marginal effects, or any other 
kinds of tables, for that matter).
That is not exactly true. Virtually all table-making programs 
are capable of reporting marginal effects with the help of programs
like -mfx2- and -margeff-.
-sum2- works kind of like that.
All programs that work with ereturn results should be able to report 
them with the help of -sum2-.
More specifically, sum2 will store the mean in e(b) matrix and the
cross-product of the std. dev. in e(V) matrix. 

* example using the original outreg
sysuse auto, clear
reg mpg headroom length rep78
sum2, replace
outreg using myfile.txt, replace nonote noaster
type myfile.txt

sum2 will report for only variables and observations used in the 
last regression command. Therefore it will work only after a 
regression has run.
NOTE: you should check the numbers to make sure you are getting
the numbers you think you should be getting.
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