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st: "mfx, predict at" evaluated at CONDITIONAL means?

From   Christoph Carl Basten <>
Subject   st: "mfx, predict at" evaluated at CONDITIONAL means?
Date   Sat, 14 Mar 2009 18:52:25 +0100

when estimating the marginal effects (using e.g. "mfx") after a Probit 
regression, I'd like to set one value (age) to a representative value, 
say 50 years, and have all other variables at the mean for those aged 50.

 From what I understand, if I specify only   "mfx, predict at(age=50), 
Stata will set all other variables to the population means, so the only 
way to have them set at the means conditional on age=50 would be to 
compute all these conditional means by hand and then specifying them 
manually in the atlist.

But is there any option to tell Stata that I want age=50 and else 
at the conditional means?

Thanks and best regards,

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