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st: Return r(111) this time

From   "Glenn Goldsmith" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Return r(111) this time
Date   Sun, 15 Mar 2009 18:03:38 -0000

Hi Jingjing, 

One way to proceed here would be to try calling your -nlsurweb- program
directly (rather than via -nlsur-) with trace on. This should let you track
down for yourself where things are going awry. (I'm not sure why calling it
via the -nlsur- syntax doesn't give the full tracelog, but whatever the
reason, it doesn't seem to.) 


set trace on
nlsurweb [nlsurwebarguments]

If you're unsure exactly what arguments -nlsur- is passing to -nlsurweb-,
you should be able to find them in the trace log from your original call to

Hope this helps somewhat,

Glenn. wrote:

Thanks Eva! You are so nice and patient.

After correcting all the typo you mentioned, the codes for the example

However, in my own program, there's r(111) even correcting all the similar
typo. I am not sure if r(11) is still a kind of error that caused by typo or
other big errors. If it's caused by typo, I will check it again and agian
until it works. What I am worried about is that it's the codes designing

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