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AW: st: Enquiry From PhD Student

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   AW: st: Enquiry From PhD Student
Date   Thu, 5 Mar 2009 23:30:15 +0100


" You should definitely have a working 
knowledge of Stata before sending questions to the list."

Buying the book by Hamilton was an excellent first step for Obi. As he works
his way through it, he will encounter issues that are unclear to him or that
simply do not work out as expected. If that is the case, Obi, come back and
ask. I was certainly glad back in the day that I could access the joint
wisdom of all Statalist members...


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[] Im Auftrag von Kyle K. Hood
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 5. März 2009 23:23
Betreff: Re: st: Enquiry From PhD Student

Just like any programming language, interpreted or compiled, Stata will 
not work if you do not use the correct syntax.  Try to find some 
examples to help you figure out (a) what is the general syntax of the 
statements in Stata, for example, concerning where to put "if" (and 
whether Stata considers it to be an option, at all), and (b) how to 
interpret the help files.  You should definitely have a working 
knowledge of Stata before sending questions to the list.

Obi Berko wrote:
> Please
> I found your e-mail on the web, when you provited an answer to some one
> I am a PhD student and I have bought your book: Statistics with  Stata,
Updated version 9
> Please my problem is that I am working on a panel data of 12 year period
starting from 1991 to 2002 and I am runing an independent sample t-test, but
I want to limit my output to 2002.. However my sata 9.2 version tells me
option not required when I type my command.
> Here is is how I typed the command:
> ttest, capital, by(exports) unequal level(95) if wave==12
> the 12 means 2002, but results window tells me "option not required".
Please if I want to run an independent sample t-test with a panel data and I
want to limit it to a particular wave please what command should I use?
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Kyle Hood
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Yale University
New Haven, CT

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