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Re: st: Will Stata MP be faster than Stata SE in a cluster of Playstations 3?

From   Tom Trikalinos <>
Subject   Re: st: Will Stata MP be faster than Stata SE in a cluster of Playstations 3?
Date   Wed, 4 Mar 2009 08:05:18 -0500

i am looking for an excuse to get a PS3. If any of you make stata run
on it, please, let us know.



(also, anyone run stata on an i-robot roomba?)

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 4:50 AM, Neil Shephard <> wrote:
> Tiago V. Pereira wrote:
>> Dear experts,
>> Since Playstations 3 possess the cell chip with a kind of 8 processors,
>> will Stata MP be faster than Stata SE in a cluster formed by Playstations
>> 3 running Ubuntu?
> I think your first problem will be getting either version of Stata to
> actually run under Linux on the PPC arch.
> The GNU/Linux versions of Stata available are "32-bit (x86 or
> compatible), or 64-bit (Intel Itanium, x86-64 or compatible)" detailed
> at .
> Although it does indicate that the Mac OSX version of Stata (only
> available as 32-bit, although the PPC chipset of the PS3 is capable of
> 64-bit) well work on all Intel and PPC archs, and given OSX is
> basically a hammed up version of various BSD components there might be
> an exceptionally slim chance of success, but I very much doubt it.
> More one for Stata Corp. Tech Support, but I have a strong suspicion
> that the number of people wishing to run Stata under Linux on a PS3
> (or even cluster of PS3's) might not be sufficient to make it
> financially viable endeavour (although there are plenty of
> people/groups who have recognised the power of the PS3 and the
> potential for clustering them, see
> )*
> Neil
> * Currently awaiting a USB wireless keyboard/mouse so I can forge
> ahead with installing Gentoo GNU/Linux on the PS3 I recently purchased
> with the intention of a) installing Gentoo and using it as a
> media-centre in the living room; b) occasionally playing games!
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