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Re: AW: st: AW: problem with the generate command

From   Steven Samuels <>
Subject   Re: AW: st: AW: problem with the generate command
Date   Tue, 3 Mar 2009 11:35:29 -0500


Eva is right. There's no need for -regexr-. With gremlins zapped, the following works for me.

replace healthinit="" if healthinit==".."
destring healthinit, gen(h)


On Mar 3, 2009, at 10:23 AM, Eva Poen wrote:


Martin and Steven already gave you hints on how to proceed from here.
Just a few comments: Your

replace healthinit="" if "healthinit"==..

is incorrect syntax. The double quotes should be around the .. and not
around healthinit. Next you tried

replace healthinit="" if healthinit==".."

which is correct syntax. You said "it does not work". Please be more
specific. Does Stata give an error message (which is unlikely)? Or
does it say "(0 real changes made)" which means that the string ".."
cannot be found in your variable. In this case I suspect there are
either leading and/or trailing spaces around .., or some other weird
characters that came about by copy and paste. One thing you could try

replace healthinit="" if strpos(healthinit,"..")>0

Martin's advice to use -tab- and -tab, nolabel- after -encode- was
just meant to show you what -encode- actually does. These commands
would not change your data, therefore no change of behaviour was

If you get nowhere with string functions and/or regular expressions,
try and explore other routes to get your data into Stata, e.g.
StatTransfer, where you can declare a variable to be numeric from the


2009/3/3  <>:
Dear all,

Thank you very much for this helpful advice.
Stata refuses to replace .. by a blank. I type:

replace healthinit="" if "healthinit"==..


I have:"nothing found where name expected".
If I try:*replace healthinit="" if healthinit==".."*, it does not work
better. Is there a problem with my command?

Then when I write:
encode healthinit, gen(H)
ta H
ta H, nolabel
generate health=1.06*H

I have the same resultas for health


After your -encode- command, type

ta H
ta H, nolabel

and note the difference. -destring- is your command of choice, and pay
attention to Eva`s remark for the missings.


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Betreff: Re: st: AW: problem with the generate command

Dear Martin,
Thank you very much for all your help since the beginning I use Stata.
Here are my data (just the beginning!):

country            healthinit H        health
 Afghanistan  13.00   13.00    23.32
 Albania      116.00  116.00   16.96
 Algeria           76.00      76.00    169.6
 American Samoa       ..      ..       1.06
 Andorra            1922.17   1922.17          54.06
 Angola            24.00      24.00   72.08
 Antigua and Barbuda  492.00  492.00  138.86
 Argentina    283.00  283.00  89.04
 Armenia            53.00     53.00   145.22
 Aruba              ..        ..      1.06

Healthinit is the health expenditure per capita in current dollars. It is
a string variable. It comes from the wdi database. As I want them in
euros, and that the exchange rate is 1.06 (year is 2003), I wrote to

encode healthinit, gen(H)
generate health=1.06*H

H is a long variable.

Danke schön für die Helfe!


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