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Re: st: Probit in old Stata code

From   Richard Williams <>
To   "" <>, "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Probit in old Stata code
Date   Mon, 02 Mar 2009 22:31:13 -0500

At 09:56 PM 3/2/2009, Benjamin Villena Roldan wrote:
I have an old written code in Stata 8 for a probit model using aweight

- probit D X1 X2 X3 [aweight=w] -
The code still runs without a problem in Stata 8.

I run the same code in Stata 9.2 (in Linux) but the following error ocurrs
-aweight not allowed r(101)

Am I missing something here? This seems sort of trivial, but I'd like to
know if aweight option is no longer allowed for probit in Stata 9.2 version.

If you do -help whatsnew- in Stata 9 and search for aweight, you find this:

16. logit, probit, and dprobit allowed aweights, even though they were not documented and the resulting calculation had no meaningful interpretation. When version is set higher than 9.0, these commands now issue an error message when used with aweights.

The flip side is that if you use version control, you can get probit to work with aweights.

Here are some links discussing these issues (and if you search Statalist for "aweights logit" you will find more):

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