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Re: st: question about histograms

From   Kerry Kammire <>
Subject   Re: st: question about histograms
Date   Tue, 24 Feb 2009 13:10:37 -0600

Katie Vigilante ( reported difficulty updating Stata
on her university's server:
> my students are using stata 10.0; we are launching stata through the
> university server. unfortunately, many of the students are having
> trouble using the histogram command through the graphics pull down
> menu; it works fine on my desktop with a hard version of stata
> installed.
> They continue to get an awkward result....the instruction I founf for
> this sort of issue were "update swap" but when I have them try this,
> the result is that the program fails to engage because it is being
> used by another user. I shut down the system and started over to no
> avail.

I suspect that the issue may be due to an incomplete update as Nick Cox
pointed out.

I have contacted Professor Vigilante privately to get more details of the
exact error so that technical services can resolve this issue.

-- Kerry Kammire, StataCorp
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